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SPARK Framework Examples

Demonstration application put together by Alastair Fettes and Christopher Lewis. Includes the use of Buttons, a Textfield and a new widget called a JogDial, authored by Alastair Fettes.
Demonstration of a simple flowlayout widget.
Sample Portal
Contains links to every generation of the widgets. The individual generations are also listed below.
Generation 3 Widgets
September 2004 - The lastest version as of September 2004. Changes from Generation 2 include conformance with the solidified spec listed in the SVG Open 2004 paper as well as a large number of bug fixes to the window and slider classes.
Generation 2 Widgets
June 2004 - The first attempt at creating a standardized framework. Deprecated.
Generation 1 Widgets
April 2004 - The first application created using Alastair's initial framework draft can be viewed here. This however is very old and therefore deprecated.

Other Sample SVG UI's

BioViz Genome Viewer
The SVG Open 2002 paper describing it can be found here. The public version of the browser can be at
SVG Editor
SVG Editor based on the CGUI toolkit and the extensions of Chris Peto:
Skinnable SVG GUI demo
Skinnable SVG GUI demo created by Glenn MacDonald can be viewed here.
The original SVG GUI widgets by Kevin Lindsey.

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