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SPARK Documentation

The SPARK project has a large number of documents available that describe the functionality and purpose of the project. The most detailed and indepth source is the SVG Open report but the class diagrams are very useful as a reference and for understanding the interactions in the framework. The current documents available are listed below.

SVG Open 2004 Report
This is the first place to look for any information on the project. It contains specific documentation on risks, goals, software design process, indepth framework description, API documentation, skining and the future of the project.
Widgets Module Class Diagram
Class diagram describing the Widgets module. The Widgets module documents specifically how widgets interact with each other. It does not describe specific widgets such as Buttons or Windows, but rather the framework that these widgets will use to interact.
Helper Module Class Diagram
Class diagram describing the Helper module. The Helper module is a set of classes that are used to aid the developer in the creation of applications and attaching application specific functionality to the widgets. This interaction is described in the Widgets module and used in the Helper module.
Combined Class Diagram
The full class diagram of the combined modules listed above and showing how an application connects with the widget framework.

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