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September 1, 2005
Package Concept Added to Framework
A question about conflicting widget names was raised at SVG Open. In response to this concern, the concept of packages was introduced to the framework. Thanks to Seth Raphael for the question and Jan-Klaas Kollhof for the ECMAScript implementation suggestion. If you've got questions, comments or suggestions for the SPARK Framework, please let us know!
August 18, 2005
SVG Open 2005 Presentation
Christopher Lewis had the chance to attend the SVG Open this year in Enschede, The Netherlands. Chris presented a paper he wrote on his experiences porting his CGUI widget toolkit to the SPARK framework. Visit the SVG Open 2005 website to view Chris' abstract and paper.
June 24th, 2005
CVS Update
There has been a major overhaul of the SPARK CVS archive. Feel free to browse our archives here.
June 27th, 2005
Framework Patches
The framework downloads have been patched for both the widgets package and the helpers package. The source for the widgets created by will be patched in the near future. You can download the patched versions here:
June 25th, 2005
JogDial Widget and Etch-A-Sketch Application
There are two new developments on the SPARK applicaiton front. Christopher Lewis has authored a new widget called a jogdial widget. In conjunction with this, Alastair Fettes has authored an application of this widget in the form of an Etch-A-Sketch application. Alastair has also release an alpha version of his textbox. Demo this application at Etch-A-Sketch Application.
June 7th, 2005
FlowLayout Widget
A new flowlayout widget has been created through a modification to the legacy graph node widget. View the demo - FlowLayout widget demo.
March 26th, 2005
SPARK has moved to SourceForge
Due to the recent sale of SchemaSoft, the SPARK project has found a new home on SourceForge. We will slowly be migrating everything to the new setup - please bear with us.

We would however like to take this time to thank SchemaSoft; in particular Philip Mansfield and Raduz Benicky for their gracious hosting at SchemaSoft in the past. Good luck with the new venture!


September 26th, 2004
Third Generation Widgets Released
Today Alastair Fettes has made available his latest version of widgets. The changes include full conformance to the framework described in the SVG Open 2004 paper as well as a large number of bug fixes. Also a demonstration application has been created to demonstrate how an application may be connected with the widget framework. These may all be found in the samples page.
September 25th, 2004
Website Updated
The SPARK website has had a large number of updates completed. These include addition of a documentation section as well as updating the information contained on most of the other pages as well. This has been done to ensure that the information available is as up to date as possible for the general public.
September 9th, 2004
SPARK Presentation at SVG Open 2004
Alastair Fettes and Philip Mansfield had the opportunity to present the results of SPARK project at the SVG Open Conference and Exhibition 2004 in Tokyo Japan. Thank-you to all who attended and showed their support.
May 18th, 2004
How-To's Created and Added to FAQ Section
A number of how-to's have been created and added to the FAQ section of the site. They contain a step-by-step process for creating widgets, for skinning widgets and for creating applications that all follow the SPARK framework. The new how-to's are: These also have associated demonstration widgets. They are as follows:
April 27, 2004
Imroved Widget Demonstration
Alastair has been working hard at solidifying the SPARK framework and creating more useful widget examples. You can find a list of the new and improved demonstration widgets here:
April 19, 2004
Initial draft of SPARK proposed
An initial copy of a SPARK specification was submitted by Alastair Fettes today. In the report Alastair outlined a possible SPARK framework. It also contains a very simple application created using sample widgets that follow the proposed framework. Comments are encouraged and please note this is not a complete draft.


November 25th, 2003
SVG Version of SPARK Site
An SVG version of the SPARK Site created by Chris Peto was placed online today. Currently this site only works using the Adobe SVG Viewer. SPARK SVG
September 26th, 2003
SPARK-List Mailing List
The SPARK Group now has a dedicated email list. Feel free to sign up and keep up to date all SPARK developments. [SPARK-List]
July 30, 2003
SPARK SVG Open Presentation.
The vision and goals of SPARK were presented at the SVG OPEN 2003 conference in Vancouver, B.C. and seemed to spark interest in the project. SPARK Design 1.0 is now underway with the help of some new friends. Look for it soon! SVG Open Proceedings
March 25, 2003
Chris Peto, Resource Solutions, joins the SPARK team today. Chris has made impressive extensions to the CGUI library since it's initial release as part of his SVG Editor. A demo is available at
January 28, 2003
An early demo created by Glenn MacDonald. A skinable SVG UI demo. Download
January 7, 2003
Christopher Lewis has announced an official release of the Genome Browser. This is a very important step for the SPARK project as the Genome Browser is the first "example of a working application enabled by the toolkit". It can be viewed at


November 27, 2002
Dr. Michael Levy has expressed an interest in being part of the SPARK project.
November 1, 2002
SPARK gets a name - SVG Programmers Application Resource Kit.
October 31, 2002
SVG Open Source project planned. This project is to lay out implementation standards for SVG Programming, such as an API and conventions for a ECMAScript/SVG GUI component framework. The initial founders are Christopher Lewis of the University of Saskatchewan and Dr. Philip Mansfield of SchemaSoft Inc.

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