Interface Subject

All Known Implementing Classes:
Atom, Container

public interface Subject

Part of the Observer design pattern.

An Subject may have Observers added to it to watch it. The Subject may notify it's observers upon a state has changed. A Subject may observe more than one Observer.

This pattern is generally used for Widget-Widget interactions.

The Subject does not always have to notify it's Observers of any state change. This notification is not required but functionality should be well documented of all implementing classes.

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Method Summary
 void attach(Observer in_observer)
          The observer to be attached.
 void detach(Observer in_observer)
          The observer to be detached.

Method Detail


public void attach(Observer in_observer)
The observer to be attached. It will now be observering this subject.

in_observer -


public void detach(Observer in_observer)
The observer to be detached. It will no longer be observering this subject.

in_observer -